Fidelity Elite Avant Garde (Mobile Master)
Fidelity Elite Avant Garde Mobile Master 1 20 x 20

The first Elite Avant Garde version released by Fidelity is known as the Mobile Master. You will not find that name on the chess computer, or in the original manual which just has Model EAG on the front cover, or on the Serial Number sticker where it is Model 6081. The Mobile Master reached the market very early in 1986. It got its name because it contains the Elite XC program that won the 1st U.S. Open Computer Chess Championship held in Mobile, Alabama in June 1985. For a report of the tournament click this link (pages 63-70).

The Mobile Master uses a 6502 8-bit processor running at 5MHz, there is 28KB of program ROM, 16KB RAM and the program contains an opening book of 8,160 half moves. The program is rated at 1829 Elo by Selective Search and 1835 Elo by

As the first of the good looking and well featured Elite Avant Garde boards you would expect that the Mobile Master sold well but it was soon replaced by the 2100 model which has a stronger program running at 6MHz. Consequently it is quite rare, and I cannot remember more than a handful finding their way onto Ebay.

Fidelity Elite Avant Garde Mobile Master 2 15 x 15
Fidelity Elite Avant Garde Mobile Master 4 10 x 10
Fidelity Elite Avant Garde Mobile Master 5 10 x 10
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