Message Boards

The best website Forum and Message Boards dedicated to Chess Computers are :- (German)
Hiarcs Chess Forums (UK)
Chess Computer Corner (German) - Sascha Warnem
ünde (includes Buy/Search/Swap)

and formerly
Ismenio Sousa’s website - (USA)

Smoothered Mate

Smoothered Mate

General Chess Computer Websites

Kurt’s Schachcomputer Homepage (German language) - Kurt Kispert (German) - Michael Völschow and others

Wiki Encyclopaedia at ( - All Articles Index (USA) - Ismenio Sousa
(Dutch + English) - my late friend Tom Luif -
at one time Netherlands largest collection plus charming blogs about chess computers and life in general (French + English) - Alain Zanchetta (Spanish)
- Luis Barona (French + English) (USA) - Nick Milichev (French) - Eric Belot (German - including Ebay auction info) - José Gutiérrez (Dutch) - Luuk Hofman (Dutch) - Hein Veldhuis
(Historical expert and archivist) (Spanish) - Álvaro Benlloch (Dutch) - Computerschaak (Brazilian) - Oswaldo Monteiro (French) - Eric Terrien 
- Peter Haupert

Other Collection Websites

Steve Blincoe’s Photograph Collection (USA) - one of the World’s great collections.
Hein Veldhuis (Dutch) - old webpage on CVSN
Karsten Bauermeister (German) - Listing of one of the World’s great collections.
Tom’s Chess Computer Collection (Australian) - Thomas McBurney
Boris Is King (French Canadian and English) - Daniel Collin

Manuals (by far the best website for English/German/French manual scans)

Saitek/Mephisto manuals (if the link is broken use the Wayback Machine)
RadioShack Support including manuals
Lexibook manuals
Millennium manuals (click on Support)
Novag manuals - although is now closed the manuals archive can still be accesssed using the “Wayback Machine”. Use Wayback dates in 2012 and this url -
Excalibur manuals
Classic Chess & Games (English manuals - USA retailer)

Chess Software

HIARCS (UK company of Mark Uniacke) - PC, Mac and iPhone chess software
Chess Genius (UK company of Richard Lang) - PC, pda and mobile phone chess software


Selective Search (Eric Hallsworth)

Chess Computer Retailers and “Markets”

Doska (Ken Gorman UK retailer)
Niggemann (German Retailer - all things chess computer)
Classic Chess & Games (USA Retailer - incl power supplies, chess pieces) - Steffen Scholz      (Now Closed)

Updated 9th October 2013

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