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- Saitek Corona

Rare - Fidelity USCF Special Edition, Splice Byte XD-300 (Brazilian) [still available, price reduced],
Intellect-02 (Russian), SciSys Chess Partner 6000,

Other Tabletop Chess ComputersNovag Constellation Junior, SciSys Olympiade,
SciSys Chess Partner 4000, Systema Talking Chess Professor

Portable Chess Computers - Saitek Travel Champion 2080,
Fidelity Mini Sensory II + cartridges,
Novag Chessman, Mephisto Teufelchen, SciSys Executive Chess

Phone Controlled Robot - Square Off Kingdom Set

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Saitek Corona 1 20 x 20
Saitek Corona 3 20 x 20
Saitek Corona 7 10 x 10
Saitek Corona 2 15 x 15

Saitek Corona

This Saitek Corona is an auto-sensory chess computer with the Saitek ‘D+’ program of Julio Kaplan and Craig Barnes running at 6MHz, I think. The ROMs are dated 1991 and the box refers to the stronger later program, making it a Corona II, as it was called at the time. Its rating is therefore about 1950 Elo, and it has one of the strongest programs from the Kaplan/Barnes team.

This Corona is in full working order and in generally good condition as the photos show. However there are a couple of pieces of veneer missing from the sides and the non-original chesspiece set has one odd black pawn.

The item for sale includes the chess pieces, box, original manual and adaptor (Euro plug).

Offers invited         

Saitek Corona 5 10 x 10 Saitek Corona 6 10 x 10


Fidelity USCF Special Edition 1 20 x 21

Fidelity USCF Special Edition

The USCF is a rare chess computer. It was made available in 1984 only to members of the United States Chess Federation in a limited edition. Supplied in a Champion Sensory Chess Challenger box it is distinguished from other similar Fidelity models by the distinctive black sticker, USCF Serial Number plate, built-in CB9 openings book and the Prestige 24K program running at 2.5MHz.

This example is in very good cosmetic condition and full working order. In the photo (below left) the USCF is indicating checkmate and showing all of it’s LED’s working. The box and polystrene tray are in only  moderate condition.

It comes with the original box and chess pieces, power adaptor (with Euro plug) and original manual all as shown in the photographs.

Price - 300        SOLD

Fidelity USCF Special Edition 5 30 x 30
Fidelity USCF Special Edition 3 20 x 20
Fidelity USCF Special Edition 5 15 x 16

Splice Byte XD-300

The Splice Byte is a very rare Brazilian chess computer, a clone of the Fidelity Chess Challenger 7 (CC7). Probably the only chess computer model ever to be manufactured in Brazil.  They were made in 1982 and included a copy of the Ron Nelson CC7 program. The oo-oo display (bottom photo) revealing its origins.

This one is in original condition, fully working including the healthy beep that accompanies keypresses and moves, with some signs of wear  as shown in the photos. It comes with the box, original chesspieces and piece box, original manuals (in Portugese, a CC7 manual in English can be provided), and with a suitable adaptor (Euro plug).

Price - 150       Still Available

Splice Byte XD-300 1 20 x 20
Splice Byte XD-300 4 20 x 20
Splice Byte XD-300 3 50 x 50
Splice Byte XD-300 2 15 x 15 Splice Byte XD-300 3 15 x 15


An intriguing chess computer about which little seems to be known. All Russian in manufacture, this example comes with the four level program chess cartridge of apparently Russian origin (not the CC3 three level pirated program). Cartridges for other board games are available.

The Intellect-02 is very rarely found outside Russia. It has not been reported on as yet, nor tested against other machines of similar strength, as far as I know. You can read more about it here (link).

This Intellect-02 comes with the four level chess cartridge, cartridge box, plus the computer unit and cartridge manuals (in Russian). The power supply is integral and the Intellect-02 can be used with a shaver adaptor in the UK. I would expect it to work from Euro sockets. The cap which should go on the on/off switch is missing which has no effect on operation. The chess cartridges were not sold with chesspieces. Moves are by keypad entry so pieces with or without magnets can be used. The chessboard is metal.

Price -  150         

Intellect-02 14 15 x 15
Intellect-02 11 15 x 15
Intellect-02 13 50 x 50

SciSys Chess Partner 6000

The Chess Partner 6000 is surprisingly rare. Until 2008 there were no examples in  collections published on the internet, nor to my knowledge had anyone in the chess computer community actually seen one. You can read more about it in an article by chess computer historian Hein Veldhuis (link).

Like the other SciSys Chess Partners, the Chess Partner 6000 is a simple machine of very limited strength and features intended for the mass market. It boasts only four levels of play and a press sensory board. In common with several other SciSys models it uses a Hitachi HD44801 4 bit singlechip running at 0.4 MHz  with 2KB of program ROM and  64 bytes of RAM and Mark Taylor’s (+David Levy) 4 bit chess program.

The Chess Partner 6000 for sale is in good fully working condition. It comes with the box, chess pieces and copy manual  and uses 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Price - 30
      SOLD on eBay


SciSys Chess Partner 6000 5 10 x 10
SciSys Chess Partner 6000 1 15 x 15_edited
SciSys Chess Partner 6000 2 15 x 15


Novag Constellation Junior

The Constellation Junior is quite hard to find, except in Germany. It dates from 1985 and was the successor to the Novag Presto, but with a 6301 singlechip and a cut down Constellation program. It has an 1170 Elo Active Chess rating on the list.

This one comes with the set of chesspieces shown and copies of the English and German manuals. It works well with either an adaptor or 6 x AA batteries (not supplied), although the battery compartment has a little corrosion.

Price - 20  
      SOLD on eBay

Novag Constellation Junior 2 10 x 10
Novag Constellation Junior 3 20 x 20
SciSys Olympiade 2 20 x 20

SciSys Olympiade

The Olympiade is very similar to the SciSys Companion II. Manufactured primarily for the French market, a batch was also sold from Woolworths in the UK. Elsewhere it is probably difficult to find, and has not yet been tested or reported on by It does have the well known Kaare Danielsen 4K program and therefore a rating of 1200  Elo can be expected.

This one is in nearly new condition. It is fully working and comes with the box, original chesspieces and manual. It works with an adaptor or 3 x AA batteries (not supplied).

Price - 40  

SciSys Olympiade 1 15 x 15
SciSys Olympiade 3 20 x 20

SciSys Chess Partner 4000

The Chess Partner 4000
features an unusual method for setting the level of play, a sliding lever. Although a mass market beginner’s machine they are not easy to find these days, especially with the box.

This one includes the box, a set of original pieces and manual. It is fully working.

Operates off a 9V battery (not supplied).

Price - 12   

Systema Talking Chess Professor

This model is similar to the Tiger Chess Voice Master. It features a voice teaching mode, player rating system and 5,000 move opening book. It is well built, comes with an informative manual and might suit someone who is improving beyond the beginner stage.

This one is in very good condition, fully working and comes with the box, chesspieces and manuals (in English). It requires 4 x AA batteries (not supplied).

Withdrawn from Sale

SciSys Chess Partner 4000 1 15 x 15
Systema Talking Chess Professor 2 15 x 15
Systema Talking Chess Professor 1 15 x 15


Saitek Travel Champion 2080

The Travel Champion 2080 arrived in 1992 as the strongest portable chess computer on the market. It is also a solid well designed machine. The program is by Frans Morsch and currently has an Active rating of 1927 Elo.

This one comes with the chesspieces and perspex lid as shown. It runs off 3 x AA batteries (not supplied). There is some minor damage to the rear left-hand corner, shown in the photos. A copy of the manual (English, French, German or Dutch) can be provided.

Price - 40         
SOLD on eBay

Saitek Travel Champion 2080 3 10 x 10
Saitek Travel Champion 2080 4 10 x 10
Saitek Travel Champion 2080 1 15 x 15
Saitek Travel Champion 2080 2 15 x 15
Fidelity Mini Sensory II 1 20 x 21

Fidelity Mini Sensory II
with Advanced Chess and Openings cartridges

This is the less common second version of the Mini Sensory which features proper push buttons replacing the membrane keys of the original version. Here it comes with both the Advanced Chess and Book Openings cartridges.

The Advanced Chess cartridge gives 6 levels (rather than 4), a hint function, thinking on opponents time, takeback, and a small opening book. In the photo below right the Mini Sensory is signalling Level 6. The Openings Book cartridge gives 62 lines of play giving 1,798 moves and has a suggest book move feature. The Mini Sensory and cartridges are all working correctly.

The item for sale includes the box, chesspieces, perspex lid and copies of all three  manuals, all as shown. It works from an adaptor or 6 x AA batteries (not supplied).

Price - 50     

Fidelity Mini Sensory II 2 15 x 15 Fidelity Mini Sensory II 3 15 x 15

Novag Chessman

Another chess computer that can be quite difficult to find, and has not yet been tested or reported on at It is a beginners machine with keypad entry and an LCD display reminisent of the SciSys Junior/Graduate/Mini series. It also uses a 4-bit singlebit processor and has a 2KB program.

This one is in very good fully working condition. It comes with the box, copy manual (in English) and chesspieces, all as shown. It works from a 9 volt battery (not supplied).

Price - 15       
SOLD on eBay

Novag Chessman 4 15 x 16
Novag Chessman 1 15 x 15
Novag Chessman 3 15 x 15
Mephisto Teufelchen 2 15 x 16

Mephisto Teufelchen

This is a Chess King Pocket Micro De Luxe by any other name. Manufactured by Chess King and sold by Mephisto. They are not seen outside Germany very often.

This one is in good condition except for the plastic damage shown in the photo (right). The damage is not very noticeable when the chess computer board is opened and does not affect play. The Teufelchen comes with the chesspieces, battery, pouch and copy manual in German.

Price - 10        

Mephisto Teufelchen 3 10 x 11
Mephisto Teufelchen 1 20 x 20
SciSys Executive Chess 1 20 x 21

SciSys Executive Chess

1981 vintage. An interesting early portable machine. Rated 1187 Elo on the latest Wiki Active list.

In good condition and perfect working order. Comes with the copy manual. It runs off six ‘AA’ batteries or adaptor (not supplied).

Price  -  15      
SOLD on eBay

SciSys Executive Chess 2a 20 x 20


Square Off Kingdom Set

Square Off is a Kickstarter crowd funded project developed in India. The result is this ‘telerobotic’ board which works via a phone app. The moves are received from the opponent or from the incorporated chess program and  transmitted via bluetooth to the board which has a similar robot mechanism to the Milton Bradley Grandmaster or Fidelity Phantom etc. This plays the opponents moves on the board automatically, and receives your own moves using the press sensory surface for transmission back to the opponent. So you can play chess with someone across the world by phone, or via or you can play against the chess program, all automatically using the robot mechanism. The chess program is a 20 level much cut down version of Stockish with a minimum of functionality at present. Nevertheless it is still very playable on the higher levels. Development continues. The board, pieces and packaging are of a high standard as you can see in the photos.

The item for sale consists of one Kingdom Set including all accessories (chesspieces, adaptor, boxes, instructions) all as
new. The app is available free to download from app stores for iOS or Android.

Price - 225     

Square Off Kingdom 5 15 x 15
Square Off Kingdom 3 15 x 15
Square Off Kingdom 1 15 x 15
Square Off Kingdom 6 20 x 20
Square Off Kingdom 7 25 x 25

All of the chess computers for sale are 100% fully functioning, unless specifically stated.
If a problem arises which is not referred to above I will either refund the full purchase price or sort out some mutually satisfactory outcome with you.

The prices quoted do not include the cost of shipping, which in Western Europe is typically between 15 (for small items) and 30 (for large boards). Less within the UK. Shipping to distant parts of the World eg South America can be two or three times those amounts.

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