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Auto Sensory Chess Computers - Mephisto Munchen Lyon 68020, Novag Constellation Expert

Rare - SciSys Chess Partner 6000

Other Tabletop Chess Computers - Novag Super Forte C, Tiger Grenadier, Saitek Simultano,
SciSys Chess Companion II, Fidelity Avanti

Portable Chess Computers - Novag Sapphire II

Sale starts noon 15th November 2020

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Mephisto Munchen Lyon 68020 2 25x25

Mephisto Munchen Lyon 68020

A very strong chess computer in a large (50cm x 50cm) high quality auto-sensory board which is a delight to play. The 32 bit Lyon modules were rated at 2236 Elo in the final edition of Selective Search. More information about this machine is available here (link).

This chess computer is in very good, fully working condition. There are no scratches or light spots.

It comes with the lockable wooden case, original pieces, pieces bag, original manuals in English and German and the HGN5004A Euro adaptor. All as shown in the photographs.

Price - 700           

Mephisto Munchen Lyon 68020 1 15x15
Mephisto Munchen Lyon 68020 4 40x40
Mephisto Munchen Lyon 68020 5 15x15
Mephisto Munchen Lyon 68020 6 15x15


Novag Constellation Expert (model 853)

The Novag Constellation Expert dates from 1985. It was nicknamed “The Monster” possibly because of it’s tendency to give club players a good thrashing. Until then league players tended to hold chess computers in some contempt, but all that was changing, first with  the Super Constellation, then with Novag’s first auto sensory wood board the Constellation Expert.

This Expert is likely running at the usual 5 MHz. It has 64K ROM,  4K RAM, a David Kittinger program and 22,000 ply opening book. The Selective Search rating is 1840 Elo. It measures 47 x 40 cm.

As can be seen from the photos the board itself is in very nice condition and it is fully working.

It comes with the nicely carved original chess pieces, original manual in English and the original UK type adaptor.

Price - 350

Novag Constellation Expert 1 15x15
Novag Constellation Expert 4 25x25
Novag Constellation Expert 3 25x25
Novag Constellation Expert 2 Black Chesspieces
Novag Constellation Expert 2 White Chesspieces


SciSys Chess Partner 6000

The Chess Partner 6000 is surprisingly rare. Until 2008 there were no examples in collections published on the internet, nor to my knowledge had anyone in the chess computer community actually seen one. You can read more about it in an article by chess computer historian Hein Veldhuis (link).

Like the other SciSys Chess Partners, the Chess Partner 6000 is a simple machine of very limited strength and features intended for the mass market. It boasts only four levels of play and a press sensory board. In common with several other SciSys models it uses a Hitachi HD44801 4 bit singlechip running at 0.4 MHz with 2KB of program ROM and 64 bytes of RAM and Mark Taylor’s (+David Levy) 4 bit chess program.

The Chess Partner 6000 for sale is in good fully working condition. It comes with the box, chess pieces and copy manual and uses 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Price - 40               

SciSys Chess Partner 6000 3 15x15
SciSys Chess Partner 6000 1 20x20
SciSys Chess Partner 6000 2 20x20


Novag Super Forts C 1 15x15

Novag Super Forte C 6MHz (upgraded from B - model 888)

The Super Forte C represented a substantial improvement in chess strength from earlier Super Forte versions and increased the already extensive range of features for which the Super Forte and Super Expert’s are well known. A useful explanation of the upgrade is provided in wiki and further insight is provided in Larry Kaufman’s review in Computer Chess Reports 1990 No.2 Page 6. The ‘C’ has a 1957 Elo rating in Selective Search, one of the highest 8 bit chess computer ratings.

The Super Forte for sale is in good, fully working condition as shown in the photos. It comes with the box, original pieces with bag and an original manual in English. There is also a ‘C’ manual supplement explaining how it differs from the earlier versions. It runs on 6 x C batteries or a Novag 8220 adaptor (not supplied).

Price - 200              

Novag Super Forts C 3 20x20
Novag Super Forts C 6 15x15
Novag Super Forts C 5 15x15


Tiger Grenadier

A very interesting chess computer with some advanced features including rating of your play, analysis, why not? blunder warnings and user  programmable evaluation functions. Currently rated at 1885 Elo in the  Wiki Active list it shares with the identical but unreleased Millennium Genesis and hard to find Sakkara Vega the only commercial chess computer program written by Christian  Donninger. Chrilly Donninger was the main programmer for the Hydra  project whose aim pre-Rybka etc was chess world domination. Donninger was recruited by David Levy at very short notice to write the program for the Grenadier, and a fine job he made of it in the circumstances.

This Grenadier is in very good, fully working condition. It comes with the  box, original pieces and manual in English. It runs on 6 x C batteries or a  suitable adaptor (not supplied).

Price - Offers Invited                  SOLD

Tiger Grenadier 2 15x15
Tiger Grenadier 4 15x17
Tiger Grenadier 1 20x21


Saitek Simultano 'B' 1 20x20
Saitek Simultano 'B' 3 20x20

Saitek Simultano

This is a Simultano ‘B’ rated by Selective Search at 1790 Elo. So a similar strength to the Maestro/Analyst A 4MHZ or 6MHz programs. Actually the Simultano runs at 5MHz.

The Simultano’s best feature is perhaps the LCD chessboard which makes following the game simple despite the rudimentary LCD chesspieces. Game information is also provided, the photo below shows the current evaluation score.

This Simultano is in very good, fully working condition. It comes with the  box, original pieces and manual in English and German. It runs on 6 x C batteries or a  suitable adaptor (not supplied).

Price - 60          SOLD

Saitek Simultano 'B' 5 10 x11
Saitek Simultano 'B' 6 10 x11


SciSys Chess Companion II

I have a webpage on the SciSys Chess Companion II (link). It was a mass market machine currently rated at 1205 Elo on the Active list. This is a Version One example with the battery compartment which detachs and the chess piece storage tray underneath. So not the later version sold mainly in Germany.

This one is in very good, fully working condition. The sensory board shows very little sign of wear. It comes with the  box, original pieces and copy manual in English. It runs on three
AA batteries or a suitable adaptor (not supplied).

Price - 25          SOLD

SciSys Chess Companion II 2 20x20
SciSys Chess Companion II 3 15x15
SciSys Chess Companion II 1 15x15


Fidelity Avanti   (model 6137)

The Avanti was the last Fidelity badged model to be produced. Made in 1992 in the  Hegener & Glaser factory in Hong Kong it has a press sensory board and a Ron Nelson program. It is essentially the same machine as the Mephisto Avanti and a very close relative of the Fidelity Chess Mate (1178 Elo at Active Chess) and Mephisto Alaska.

The Fidelity Avanti for sale is fully working and in very good condition. It comes with the box, chesspieces and manual, all as shown. It works from four AAA batteries (not supplied).

Price - 20          

Fidelity Avanti  1 10 x 11
Fidelity Avanti  2 20 x 20


Novag Sapphire II 5 20x20
Novag Sapphire II 4 20x20

Novag Sapphire II

Other than the Novag Star Sapphire (which has that awful screen) this is the strongest dedicated portable chess computer released. Currently it is rated 2150 Elo on the Active list.

It is the last of a long line of similarly designed portables that Novag produced. So it’s extensive features work well whether used with batteries as a travel chess opponent or used with the Novag Universal Chess Board.

The Sapphire II for sale is fully working and in good condition. It comes with the case, chess board and pieces and manual (in English, German, French and Italian) all as shown. It works from four AAA batteries or adaptor (not supplied).

            Withdrawn From Sale

Novag Sapphire II 1 20x21


All of the  chess computers for sale are 100% fully functioning, unless specifically stated.
If a problem arises which is not referred to above I will either refund the full purchase price or sort out some mutually satisfactory outcome with you.

The prices quoted do not include the cost of shipping, which in Western Europe is typically between 15 (for small items) and 30 (for large boards). Less within the UK. Shipping to distant parts of the World eg South America can be two or three times those amounts.

Generous discounts for buying several items are available. Please ask.
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