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- Tasc R30 + SB20 Sensor board, Novag Super Expert B, Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 2100

Rare - SPS Partner, SciSys Courier V, SciSys Chess Partner 6000, Fidelity Chess Challenger (CC1)

Tabletop Chess ComputersTiger Grenadier, Novag Constellation, Systema Talking Chess Professor,
SciSys Chess Partner 4000

Portable Chess Computers -
Mephisto Teufelchen, SciSys Executive Chess, Vtech Chess Master

Faulty - Applied Concepts Boris Master

               Modules and Manuals - Fidelity EOC openings module, SciSys Sensor Chess Hypermodern module,
Fidelity Mini Sensory Advanced and Greatest Games modules, Manuals

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Tasc R30 ( with SB20 Smartboard)

The Tasc R30 was the highest rated dedicated chess computer available on general sale during the 1990s. The last and finest example of the breed, before PC chess programs  killed the high end market for wooden chess computers. The Tasc R30 is still the strongest dedicated chess computer available second-hand (Elo 2330 - Selective Search), apart from low volume ‘specials’.

Smartboards for the R30 incorporated individual piece recognition. They were produced in two forms. The SB20 with 64 LEDS, one per square, and the SB30 with 81 LEDS, one at each corner of each square. The original Johan de Koning program (v2.2) was upgraded in 1995 with the version 2.5 program.

The Tasc R30 for sale here has a SB20 Smartboard and the v2.5 program. It is in full working order and very good condition. There are few blemishes, the worst  some minor scrapes/scratches to the back edge of the board shown in the photo (below right).

The Tasc comes complete with the set of chess pieces, velvet chesspiece bag, manual (in English), power supply, connecting lead and box for the computer unit. All as shown in the photos.

Price - 1500          SOLD

Tasc R30  2 20 x 21
Tasc R30  6 15 x 17
Tasc R30  8 15 x 16
Tasc R30  3 15 x 16
Tasc R30  1 30 x 30
Novag Super Expert B 1 15 x 15

Novag Super Expert B (model 886)

The Novag Super Expert B dates from 1989. It is one of the nicest auto sensory wooden boards you can buy and features an informative LCD display and masses of options which include  variable selective search. Connection to a printer or PC are other possibilities. I bought one just like this in 1989, but regretfully had to let it go in 1994 to help fund a Tasc R30, which cost an arm and a leg.

The Super Expert B is currently rated at 2008 Elo on the Active  ratings list.

This machine is in very good condition. The board has no light spots, no scratches and is fully working. It comes with the original chess pieces, a copy of the instructions including the “B” addendum and a UK adaptor.

Price - 450           SOLD

Novag Super Expert B 3 25 x 25
Novag Super Expert B 4 15 x 15
Novag Super Expert B 6 15 x 16
Novag Super Expert B 8 10 x 10
Novag Super Expert B 7 20 x 20
Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 2100 1 20 x 20

Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 2100
(model 6088)

The 2100 was the first Avant Garde sold widely outside the USA. It was released in 1986 and included the Par Excellence program currently rated 1875 on the Wiki Active list.

This Avant Garde 2100 is in good cosmetic condition and excellent working order. It does have some feint lightspots as can be seen in the photos. It comes with the manual and 2100 addendum, original chesspieces and adaptor
(UK type). All as shown in the photos.


Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 2100 2 15 x 16
Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 2100 3 15 x 16
Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 2100 5 15 x 17
Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 2100 4 10 x 10


SPS Partner

The SPS Partner is a clone of the Fidelity Excellence, but a very rare one indeed. It was manufactured in Bulgaria in 1986 and you can read about it here (link), where you can see other pictures of the item for sale.

This SPS Partner is in good fully working condition. The manual (copy) is in Russian though an English Excellence manual copy will also be provided. The Partner runs from a normal Euro type adaptor. It comes with the adaptor, leather case and small wooden chess set, all original issue.

Price - 175              SOLD

SPS Partner 3 10 x 10
SPS Partner 1 20 x 21
SPS Partner 4 15 x 15 SPS Partner 2 15 x 16
SciSys Courier V 2 20 x 20_edited

SciSys Courier V

The Courier V is a very rare version of the SciSys Travel Mate II. Few have found their way into collections or onto Ebay. They were distributed mainly or exclusively in France.

This one is in good fully working condition.  It comes with a copy of the manual (in French) and a Travel Mate II manual copy in English can also be provided if required. It works with 3 x ‘AA’ batteries (not supplied).

Price - 50           SOLD

SciSys Courier V 1 15 x 15_edited1
SciSys Courier V 4 15 x 15_edited

SciSys Chess Partner 6000

The Chess Partner 6000 seems to be exceptionally rare. Until 2008 there were no examples in  collections published on the internet, nor to my knowledge had anyone in the chess computer community actually seen one. You can read more about it in an article by chess computer historian Hein Veldhuis (link).

Like the other SciSys Chess Partners, the Chess Partner 6000 is a simple machine of very limited strength and features intended for the mass market. It boasts only four levels of play and a press sensory board. In common with several other SciSys models it uses a Hitachi HD44801 4 bit singlechip running at 0.4 MHz  with 2KB of program ROM and  64 bytes of RAM and Mark Taylor’s (+David Levy) 4 bit chess program.

The Chess Partner 6000 for sale is in good fully working condition.It comes with the box, chess pieces and copy manual  and uses 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Price - 50


SciSys Chess Partner 6000 5 10 x 10
SciSys Chess Partner 6000 1 15 x 15_edited
SciSys Chess Partner 6000 2 15 x 15
Fidelity Chess Challenger 4 20 x 20

Fidelity Chess Challenger (CC1)

As the very first chess computer to go on sale to the public the Chess Challenger has a special place in history of chess computers. Only 1000 were built and the survivors probably amount to no more than two to three hundred at this time. Hence the Chess Challenger has a lengthy page devoted to it in the ‘Rare’ section of this website (link).

The Chess Challenger for sale (Serial Number - 22516) is in very good condition and is functioning correctly (the last of the four digits is a little dimmer than the other three but this seems to be perfectly normal CC1 behaviour). It comes with the original box and styrofoam packaging, original manual in English, the original chesspieces and integral power supply.

Price - 175           SOLD

Fidelity Chess Challenger 3 15 x 16
Fidelity Chess Challenger 2 15 x 17


Tiger Grenadier

A very interesting chess computer with some advanced features including rating of your play, analysis, why not? blunder warnings and user programmable evaluation functions.  Currently rated at 1882 Elo in the Wiki Active list  it shares with the identical but unreleased Millennium Genesis the only dedicated chess computer program written by Christian Donninger. Chrilly Donninger was the main programmer for the Hydra project whose aim pre-Rybka etc was chess world domination.

This Grenadier is in excellent, fully working condition. It comes with the box, original pieces and bag, and the four manuals in the photograph (English, German, French and Dutch). It runs on six “C” batteries or a suitable adaptor (not supplied).

Price  -  100                SOLD

Tiger Grenadier 1 15 x 15
Tiger Grenadier 4 15 x 16
Tiger Grenadier 2 15 x 15
Novag Constellation 1 20 x 20

Novag Constellation

One of the strongest chess computers around when it first appeared in 1984. Currently rated 1695 on the Wiki Active Chess list.

The chess computer is in fully working order with some signs of wear and tear. It comes with the box, the set of chesspieces and copy manual in English. It works from six ‘C’ batteries or suitable adaptor (not supplied).

Price  -  40          SOLD


Novag Constellation 2 20 x 21
Novag Constellation 4 10 x 10

Systema Talking Chess Professor

This model is similar to the Tiger Chess Voice Master. It features a voice teaching mode, player rating system and 5,000 move opening book. It is well built, comes with an informative manual and might suit someone who is improving beyond the beginner stage.

This one is in very good condition, fully working and comes with the box, chesspieces and manuals (in English). It requires 4 x AA batteries (not supplied).

Price - 12

SciSys Chess Partner 4000

The Chess Partner 4000
features an unusual method for setting the level of play, a sliding lever. Although a mass market beginner’s machine they are not easy to find these days, especially with the box.

This one includes the box, a set of original pieces and manual. It is fully working.

Operates off a 9V battery (not supplied).

Price - 12

Systema Talking Chess Professor 2 15 x 15
Systema Talking Chess Professor 1 15 x 15
SciSys Chess Partner 4000 1 15 x 15


Mephisto Teufelchen 2 15 x 16

Mephisto Teufelchen

This is a Chess King Pocket Micro De Luxe by any other name. Manufactured by Chess King and sold by Mephisto. They are not seen outside Germany very often.

This one is in good condition except for the plastic damage shown in the photo (right). The damage is not very noticeable when the chess computer board is opened and does not affect play. The Teufelchen comes with the chesspieces, battery, pouch and copy manual in German.

Price - 10                

Mephisto Teufelchen 3 10 x 11
Mephisto Teufelchen 1 20 x 20
SciSys Executive Chess 1 20 x 21

SciSys Executive Chess

1981 vintage. An interesting early portable machine. Rated 1187 Elo on the latest Wiki Active list.

In good condition and perfect working order. Comes with the copy manual. It runs off six ‘AA’ batteries or adaptor (not supplied).

Price  -  12

SciSys Executive Chess 2a 20 x 20
VTech Chess Master 2 20 x 21
VTech Chess Master 3 10 x 10

Vtech Chess Master

These are fairly rare. Similar idea to a Mattel Computer Chess but much smaller, measuring only 12.3 x 7.5 x 1.5 cm.

This one is in very good, fully working condition. It comes with the box, copy manual and batteries.

Price - 20                SOLD

VTech Chess Master 1 20 x 20


Boris Master 1 25 x 25

Boris Master

A Boris Master has rechargeable batteries, which the normal Boris does not have. So the chess computer can be run off mains power or from the integral batteries. The problem is that eventually the batteries expire leaving the chess computer unable to function because power from the mains supply first passes through the batteries to recharge them before going on to the electronics. So the batteries have to be replaced. The original batteries of 1979 vintage (shown in the photo above) are large, environmentally unfriendly and unobtainable today. Modern replacements are needed.

An explanation of the replacement process is set out on this webpage (in French and English) -

This didn’t work for me but I am sure I must have done something wrong.
Nevertheless the Master for sale shows some signs of life with a 9v battery attached as seen in the photographs below. It starts with the usual “Boris Awaits Your Move” message, allows move entry and it replies. Unfortunately that is about all it does do. As I have three Boris Masters I am letting this one go in the hope that someone will get it back working properly again as it was before the batteries expired. In which case they will have a very nice ‘retro’ chess computer which comes with all the original accessories as shown in the top photo.

Price - 40                

Boris Master 2 10 x 10 Boris Master 4 10 x 10
Boris Master 3 10 x 10


Fidelity EOC openings module

Extract from manual “This module contains all the openings in which White plays 1.e4 and Black replies by pushing the King Pawn one or two squares.” eg. French, Ruy Lopez, King’s Gambit, Vienna, Petroff, Scotch, Danish Gambit. The module is working correctly and comes with a copy of the manual.

Price - 60       

Fidelity EOC openings module 2
SciSys Sensor Hypermodern module 1 20 x 20

SciSys Sensor Chess
Hypermodern Super Strong cartridge

In addition to the ‘hypermodern’ openings (Reti, English, Nimzovitch and various fianchetto openings for white;  Pirc, Gruenfeld, Nimzo-Indian, King’s Indian, Queen’s Indian, Modern and Alekhine for black) it is claimed that the program extends these strategies into the middle game. The cartridge also incorporates additional  hint and legal functions. The manual is in English and German.

Price - 30       

Fidelity Mini Sensory Advanced cartridges

The Advanced Chess Cartridge for Mini Sensory Chess Challengers gives 6 levels (rather than 4), allows takeback, provide’s a hint function, thinking on opponents time and a small opening book. There are two of these for sale, one has the original manual and the other has a copy. The cartridges are working correctly.

Price - 15 each          

Fidelity Mini Sensory Advanced module
Fidelity Mini Sensory Greatest Games module

Fidelity Mini Sensory Greatest Games cartridge

The cartridge includes 33 Great Games with Correct Move hints and playing on from any position. It comes with the box and manual.

Price - 15       


All of the manuals shown below can be bought for 5 each plus postage.

To the best of my knowledge they are all original issue, not copies, except where stated.
For free pdf manual copies Alain Zanchetta’s website is by far the best source -

The manual language is indicated by the letter in brackets after the model -
E = English, G = German, F = French, D = Dutch, S = Spanish, I = Italian, P = Portuguese
Please check the language before ordering.
Many of the manuals are new, some are used, or have storage wear.

Mephisto Manuals 1 20 x 20

Mephisto Manuals

Atlanta x 2 (G)
Milano Pro x 2 (G)
Milano (E,G)
Rebell 5.0 x 2 (E)
Portorose 16/32 bit (G)
Portorose 16/32 bit (E,G)
Mondial 68000XL x 2 (E)
Mondial 68000XL (F)
MM V (E,G)
Marco Polo (E)
Modular II/Exclusive II/Munchen II (G)

Modular IV/Exclusive IV/Munchen IV (G)
Modul HG 550 (G) (not shown in photo)


Novag Manuals

Ruby (F,S,P)
Sapphire x 2 (G)
Diamond (G)
Diamond II (copy) (E)
x 2 (S)


Novag Manuals 1 20 x 20
Fidelity Manuals 1 20 x 20

Fidelity Manuals

Designer Mach III Master x 2 (E)
Par Excellence
x 2 (E)
Voice Sensory (E)
Chess Challenger 10 (CCX)
x 2 (E)


Other Manuals

The Final Chesscard
x 2 (G)
Saitek Centurion (G,D,S,I)
Saitek Cosmos (G,D,S,I)
Saitek Aurora (E,F)
Radio Shack Chess Champion 2150 (E)
Go Mega 2050X (E)
Go Partner 1680X (E,F)


Other Manuals 1 20 x 21


All of the chess computers for sale are 100% fully functioning, unless specifically stated.
If a problem arises which is not referred to above I will either refund the full purchase price or sort out some mutually satisfactory outcome with you.

The prices quoted do not include the cost of shipping, which in Western Europe is typically between 15 (for small items) and 30 (for large boards). Less within the UK. Shipping to distant parts of the World eg South America can be two or three times those amounts.

Generous discounts for buying several items are available. Please ask.
Payment in pounds via Paypal favoured.

If you are interested in any of these chess computers please contact me at -

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